Saturday, January 3

Working hard = no spending, right?

Sheesh, I'm tired! It's 12:40 & I have already cooked a meatloaf, spaghetti bolognese, bbq chicken, chicken taco meat, and the chili's in the crock pot. Of course I also made yummy eggs, bacon, & toast for breakfast. That's a freaking lot of cooking, huh? Luke is now set for at least 3 weeks worth of lunches & dinners. Woohoo! That will save time for me in the evenings, and money for us at lunch (tv dinners and/or eating out get $$$). I have some more meat that's frozen & I'm contemplating cooking up a few more things... I may wait until he gets this supply dwindled down some.
Now, since the weather is AMAZING, once the boys wake up from their naps we may go play at the park. We also have to get a good bike ride in still. Too bad it's gonna be COOOLD tomorrow. That's extra temptation to spend money. Maybe tomorrow will be pajama day - we'll stay in our PJs & be lazy, that will help prevent spending, huh?

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JustJamie said...

I'm tired just reading that.