Thursday, January 1

Here we go... Day 1!

Luke & I brought in the New Year by having a nice Dexter marathon. I glanced at the clock as it hit midnight & said "hey Luke!" and pointed to it. He paused the show & said "NO MORE SPENDING!". (Then babbled on & on about what the 'no spending' entailed, as if I didn't already know.) ACCCCCCK! It hit me really hard, this is real! Gulp.
I guess we're really gonna do this. It's gonna be hard, but man!, will it be worth it. This time next year the only debt we will have will be our home. Now, if that's not the American dream for someone who isn't even 30 yet... I don't know what is!
Already the idea that I CAN'T spend money makes me want to go do it. I feel so badly - I didn't even wish Target well last night as I graced her presence one last time. (I was only getting necessities, you know - milk, gum, beer...) Perhaps I should go by today to bid my love farewell... Ah, but how difficult it would be to walk the aisles without spending, spending, spending. sigh


Chrystyna said...

Oh man! I totally feel your pain. It's so hard to say goodbye to such a dear friend ;)

Day 1 is done! Whoo hoo!

Amy M said...

I KNOW! Target is my weakness!