Sunday, January 11

Good thing groceries don't count!

I didn't make any groceries rules. Why? Well, for one I don't buy "typical" groceries, so it's too hard. I buy lots of produce, organic this & that, & I don't buy the normal soaps & such 'cause I don't want all those chemicals in us. Also, I don't buy lots of extras at the store usually. I do need to get better about not wasting the stuff I do buy, but right now I don't want to tackle the bill. I am trying to cook dried beans instead of buying cans (that's about the only canned product I do buy) & I'm working on cooking lots of meat & packing lunches so we won't buy frozen prepared stuff that costs much more.
Anyway, all that to say - I went to the grocery store because we were out of cheese (one of Kasen's favorite snacks) & because ice cream sounded good. The only thing I bought that I didn't go in to buy was bananas. I won't call that a bad thing - we love our bananas!
Other than the trip to the grocery store, I didn't spend any money today. (Plus, I did get 45 minutes of riding in!)
Off to a good start for this week too. Yay!


Chrystyna said...

There's no way I could have put a budget on groceries! I'd be in some major trouble!!
Glad you didn't go out of control at the store. I'd say only buying bananas as your "extra" was pretty darn good. Now just make sure you eat them :)

Dawn Endres said...

That's Great!!