Sunday, January 4

Another successful day!

One more down, yay! We didn't go anywhere, so no money was spent. That always makes it easy, right?
On a non-budget related note, I did get my butt out & go for a bike ride. It was hard, I DO NOT do cold. Period. I HATE cold. But, I knew I needed to do it. sigh So, I put on plenty of warm clothes & headed out. I spent about 50 minutes riding. That's 3 days in a row. Woohoo! I know I won't do it tomorrow, it's gonna be colder & it may rain, so it's just not likely. Perhaps we'll have a Wii marathon after work. At least it's something, right?
I'm back to work tomorrow & I am NOT looking forward to it for a million reasons, but without a job I won't be able to pay off the debt, right? So, off I go...


Chrystyna said...

In my cutest little voice "I owe. I owe. It's off to work I go!" I thought you'd enjoy a little song to start things off with :)

Glad you're on day 4 and you haven't broken the rules yet! Wait...maybe I shouldn't say YET. It sounds like you just haven't done it yet :)

Sorry you have to go back to work tomorrow :(

JustJamie said...

Oh man! You are way braver then I. I went outside to do the marquee up at Juls' school and my hands and face were freezing. Way to go!!

Holly said...

Way to go!!! You are doing great! Sorry you have to go to work.

Dawn Endres said...

Keep it up girlfriend! That's awesome! Sorry about having to go to work. I hope the day goes fast for you. Have fun playing Wii!

Oh WTG on the bike riding!