Saturday, January 10

Update on day 9

Well, after a long wait (and the realization that I left my cell phone at work - ack! I have to survive a whole weekend w/out it. gasp.), I got my new tire. AND It was only $18!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo! (Which is weird 'cause I really though, with the certs, I had been paying like $24/tire - but I wasn't gonna argue!)
Then, I went to Whole Foods to grab milk & orange juice. That place, for me, is like a candy store for kids. There were sooooo many things I would've loved to get. The produce looked divine, the prepared foods smelled yummy, the miscellaneous goodies called my name... But, I went straight to the back, grabbed Kasen's milk, Luke's milk, and orange juice & got the heck outta there!
When I finally got home (after 6, as predicted) we had leftovers for dinner.
I was a very good girl. Go me! ;)


Kristin said...

Way to go, Helen! That place certainly is tempting!

Chrystyna said...

In my cutest little singing voice doing my funky little dance...
Go Helen! It's your birthday!
Hee hee!!

I'm proud of you! WF is definitely a fun place to shop. I spend WAY TOO MUCH money in there!!!

Nichole said...

Go you. Getting home late is always a trap for me. and one hard to resist