Friday, January 16

Day 16

Nothing exciting... no spending. Luke did go out to lunch yesterday. (gasp) BUT, he didn't pay for it. His co-worker traded him! He got a free lunch & his co-worker is getting a DVD. As for me, I haven't gone out to eat (AT ALL) in 16 days now. After a while it kinda becomes not a big deal. (Says the girl who grew up eating out almost every day...) I just don't really have the urge. There are things that sound really good (I'd still love a burrito!), but the idea of going & spending money for them isn't very appealing right now. Especially when I know that the nutritional content of a fast food (or restaurant) burrito, compared to that of a homemade one, is insane. I don't need all the extra crap w/out any good stuff. Even if it does taste good. ;)
I didn't exercise today. I could still get up & do something, but I'd rather be lazy tonight. Tomorrow I'll jump back on that horse.


Holly said...

Helen you are such an inspiration!! YOu are doing so good!!!

Chrystyna said...

You are being so good! I'm soooo proud of you!!! Really! I am :)