Sunday, January 18

We had pizza.

But we didn't buy it! :) Woohoo! 18 days with NO eating out for me & no spending on food out for either of us!
About 30 minutes after I blogged yesterday Luke decided he wanted pizza. I found that oh-so funny. I went to bed knowing we'd be having pizza today. When I woke up I immediately thought about the pizza & decided there was NO logical reason to spend $30 on a pizza someone else made when I could make my own. duh! Of course it takes longer 'cause even though pizza dough is simple, it takes a while to make. (I made a modified version of this dough, I bloomed the yeast, water & sugar, and I added Italian seasoning to the dough. I also baked it 10 minutes with garlic butter, then added the topping & baked it another 15 minutes.) I was able to put some veggies in it that we wouldn't have had otherwise. I hid shredded, blanched carrots under the cheese (you seriously couldn't even taste them & I put A LOT of carrot on there), and used broccoli as a topping. It wasn't quite the same as Mr Jim's, but it was pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I'm just happy to have given it a second thought & NOT hand over my money to someone else when I had all I needed here to satisfy the craving.
I've also become a bit obsessed with bike riding I think. I rode almost an hour today & the only reason I stopped is that I decided I might need to go check on the boys. (Who were both still asleep when I got home.) It's so weird, I hit this point where I'm tired & ready to go home. Home is not close though, and by the time I get closer to it I don't want to stop. It's truly becoming a "hobby" for me. Time to MYSELF. Time to clear my head, work out problems, and time to just appreciate nature. I love it. But, again, that's not what this blog is about. So I should hush now. ;)

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Chrystyna said...

What's up with my friends making pizza! You girls make me jealous. I wouldn't even know where to attempt to start!!!
And yippee on the bike riding! That is so awesome! I already told you this, but I thought it was too funny to not say it again. My butt and bikes don't like each other. I either need a seat with more cushion or a butt with more cushion! LMAO!