Wednesday, January 14

I broke the rules... sorta.

In black & white, plain & simple, I broke the rules.
Before you go jumping to conclusions - "Helen can't even make it 14 days!"... Let me explain myself.
If we allow a gray area, I didn't break any rules.
I am the keeper of the candy here at work. I have 3 jars on my desk - the chocolate jar, the misc candy jar, and the money jar. As of today there were 2 empty jars & $20. So, off I went to the dollar store. (Oh boy, is that place tempting! You know you're hard up for a shopping trip when you want to go waste money there! lol) No success with candy though. So, I headed across the street to CVS. They had Mars candy as the Extra Bucks special - 2 bags = $3 in Extra Bucks. So, I picked out 2 bags (@ $6.99/ea), a bag of something else @ $3.99/ea (which I swore was $2.99, and that $1 created the whole problem), and a last thing at $1.99/ea.
$6.99 + $6.99 + $3.99 + $1.99 = $19.96 plus 8.25% tax = $21.61 ACK!
I had two options. 1) Put something back (like the $1.99 candy). 2) Use my own money to cover the extra. I had to think fast 'cause there was a long line behind me (of course). So, I decided to just spend the $1.61. Of course I didn't have cash of my own, so I put the $1.61 on the check card.
Now, remember - I got $3.00 in Extra Bucks. I really need some powder (yes, I COULD live without it, but I didn't say I was giving up make up this year), so I'll be able to get it $1.39 cheaper now. (Anyone have a coupon? I'm not picky on brands, just want to save more money!)
So, there you have it, I broke the rules, but I earned $1.39. I'll just count that $1.61 as my meal out for the week. I wasn't planning on using it this week, but $1.61 ain't bad really, now is it?


Dawn Endres said...

Aw...That's nothin'! You did good girl!

Sorry...I don't have any coupons.

J said...

Ohhh, that's SO not breaking the rules! You're fine!

Chrystyna said...

I think you did fine. What did Luke say though? haha! And to me...if you come out ahead you haven't spent any of your own money. That's what I told Aaron the other day when I went to a 2nd store to buy his cokes. I had to exchange something for Mac and it ended up costing me $1.30 more. I told him that didn't count because I saved $4 on his cokes! haha!

Helen said...

Luke's response was "sheesh", but it's all good since it's my "lunch" for the week.

Amy M said...

I don't think you broke any rules! :) I returned a shirt at kohls and then bought other things I didn't "need" with the money from the shirt, a $5 off coupon and a gift card. I made $3 on the deal so I didn't feel bad!