Monday, August 24

Can you handle the truth?

I went shopping at lunch. Bought a new pair of pants, a skirt, and a $5 under-tank. I wanted 2 pairs of pants, but I stopped myself. I "needed" new pants. I have 2 pairs of work pants that fit correctly enough for me to wear regularly. I have a couple other pairs that I rotate in, but they don't fit right. I just couldn't bring myself to buy a 2nd new pair though, so I bought a cheaper (COMFY!) skirt instead. A fair enough compromise for now. I know I'll have to buy more pants soon enough, but maybe I can hold off until I'm actually a size 8 instead of too big for an 8 & too small for a 10. (Boy is that frustrating!)
What else is new? Ummm, we got another magical check. You know, the kind where you've already paid your doctor & moved on, then you go to the mailbox one & magically a nice chunk of change has landed there? Love those! Of course this one is being turned right around to pay for more medical bills. *sigh*
We won't be paying off the college loan this month since we're treating all the grandparents (and Auntie) to a family vacation next month. We should be able to get it paid off in October though. Yay! Then we'll just have ONE outstanding debt (other than the mortgage). I can't wait to be D.O.N.E.!
Last week, Luke took his car in to have something-or-other fixed & to get a new battery. He bought the battery & installed it himself before heading to service (you wouldn't believe what a dealership charges for that service! Or, maybe you would...). I was a bit worried about how much the service was gonna cost, *but* [BIG but], it was free under some recall thing. Yay!
Next up, taking my car BACK to the dealership 'cause they broke something when they fixed my a/c. The a/c just randomly turns off. Fun times. Actually, it's not so bad 'cause I like to ride with the windows down. Can't do that with Kasen though, he's not always a fan of wind in his hair.
Anyway, there's my truth of the day. I went, I saw, I bought... and it felt good. ;)

Thursday, August 6

Stress Shopper

I'm not a stress eater, drinker, pill popper, or any other stress related vice-haver (I think I made that word up, huh?), I'm a stress shopper. Ugh!
Yesterday was a horrible, no good, very bad day. On my lunch break I had to leave the office (I often don't, there's no temptation to spend if you aren't somewhere that allows you to spend). I was driving down the road when I realized exactly where I was headed - Target! My thoughts were:
"I 'need' some new pants."
"NO, you can wait on them."
"I 'need' new shoes."
"NO, you can wait on them too."
"I'd love a new purse."
"NO, you just got a new purse, that you love."
"I can go get Kasen something!"
"NO, Kasen doesn't need anything."
"I can just go look."
"NO, if you look, you might be tempted to buy - you're just stressed, keep driving!"
So, I did. Then I decided I NEEDED a drink from Sonic. No, a burrito from Taco Bueno. No, some fries from Chik Fil A...
I ended up getting some fries, a sweet tea (yum!), and a brownie from CFA. It didn't make everything better, but it helped.
I wonder now though... I have admitted that I have a problem, which is the first step (right?), so what's next? How do I avoid stress shopping? There's always gonna be stress you know.

Monday, August 3

Still trucking

We're in August already. Wow! Where is the year going?
Someone (who shall remain nameless) wanted to buy a new computer this weekend. LUCKILY we just sent off all our money to pay bills, so there is no money for crap. I mean, there is no money for important stuff like a new computer. (If you don't catch the sarcasm there you need help.)
On an opposite note... our neighbor just had his patio screened in. For only $500! Seems like a heck of a deal to me. So, I asked Luke to find out what it would cost to get ours covered. (Gotta start somewhere, right?) We'll see what that is. Yes, it's an investment, but a good one. I wondered (out loud, of course) if it would be around $1k to cover & screen it in. Then we could kick the dogs out - I mean, have a nice place for them to "vacation" outside of the house. haha, yes I am serious right now, it would be great to have an enclosed, screened-in patio. Although I do still want to make the patio larger. Much larger. Concrete is crazy expensive right now though, so I'll take what I can get. Even just covered would work. It's the small things that make me happy. I seriously doubt it'll be that cheap though. So, we'll continue with what we have - and with not spending.