Wednesday, September 30

Tomorrow is OCTOBER!

This year is flying by! Is it strange that I complain about the fact that I have to work, yet I'd really like to find a way to squeeze in a 2nd job. If I could find something I could do after Kasen goes to sleep (7pm) I'd jump on it. I don't really want to flip burgers though & retail places close too early to make it worthwhile. I'm just ready to be out of debt! So, if anyone knows of anything that I could do a few nights a week (I'd be more flexible on time on the weekend, but I'm not willing to give up much of my family time during the day), please share. Otherwise, we'll keep up the pace we're going at.
I am really trying to work on groceries right now. I have a pantry full of crap that needs to be used up before I go buy more stuff. Then I think we'll be eating lots of beans, baked potatoes, and sandwiches. Cheap, cheap.

Monday, September 28

Doing well!

Still hanging in there. I didn't go out to eat last week, we didn't go out to eat this weekend, no crazy purchases, etc. Yay!
Sunday I met some friends at Twisted Root and guess what? I didn't spend a dime! No food, no drink, no nothing! I was so proud of me. I would've loved some watermelon tea, but I didn't need it & I didn't want to waste money on it.
I've been looking for shoes, a Halloween costume, a jacket, & a coat for Kasen. It's hard to thrift shop when you're looking for specific items, but I've been trying. I finally hit a consignment shop today. I got Kasen a Cars jacket, which is what he asked for since he had a Cars jacket last year. I also stocked him up on pajamas since he has now decided he'd rather keep them on all day some days. It's not worth the battle, I'd rather him just keep them on all day & not have to deal with a huge fit over clothes. I also scored some GREAT stuff for a certain someone's upcoming baby shower. :) Still no shoes, Halloween costume, or coat. I've got time on all of those though.
I did hit Target today too though. I was on the look out for a specific gift for a birthday party this weekend. Didn't find it though, so that search continues...
I just found out my friend is getting married in January. In Utah. I'd love to be there, and I'm hoping I can be, but we'll have to see how it works out. Flights are expensive. I'm hoping at the least I can go for the day by myself. Or maybe Luke & I can go for the weekend. We'll see.
That's it so far. We're still trucking!

Wednesday, September 23

Getting back on track.

Gosh, it's hard to get back on track. This morning was "cold" (in Texan terms at least), but it's suppose to be warm this afternoon. I realized I don't own a jacket or coat for Kasen. My immediate thought was - I'll go look at Target or Old Navy on my lunch break. Wait! Hold up! Can't do that yet!! I have looked around a little at thrift stores, but I haven't seen anything yet. I haven't exhausted my search options yet though, so I had to remind myself I can only go buy new if I can't find used. The search is on.
Then, there's Halloween. No clue what Kasen would like to be, since he's not that opinionated yet. I'm sure he'd be happy to hang out in his pajamas instead of a costume, but I'd like to keep the tradition up for him. So, now I'm trying harder to search for a costume. I've been looking for one at thrift stores, but, again, my search has been in vain so far.
I haven't eaten out this week (yes, I realize it's only Wednesday & lunch time hasn't arrived yet), but I'm trying to make it all week without eating out. I need to lose some weight anyway, so I need to quit making my weekly trip to Bueno. Besides, I can slap some beans on a tortilla at home much cheaper anyway!
I'm gonna do this. I am gonna follow the rules. I hope.

Sunday, September 20


Yep, I went missing. I see nobody called out the search crew though... ;)
So, we kinda fell off the wagon for a while. Oops. Time to get back on though. Saturday night we paid off college loan #1. Yay! So, we're down to just 1 college loan. Don't get me wrong, it's a big loan, but it's all we have left! It's probably gonna be 4 or 5 more months before we get it paid off (if nothing unexpected comes up), which seems like so long. It's hard 'cause that's further out than we first anticipated. We hoped to be done in January. However, in 4 or 5 months we'll be DEBT FREE BUT THE HOUSE!!!! Wow. To be 30 & not owe a dime to anyone other than the mortgage company is truly a rare thing. When I think of it that way, 4 or 5 months is suh a short time. Wow! I can't believe we've almost done this!