Saturday, January 10

Day 10

We didn't leave the house today, so we didn't spend money. Eventually I'll get tired of not leaving the house, and that's when the real challenge will begin I'm sure. For now though, I'm doing good!
I went to bed at 8pm last night. After the craptastic day at work & the stressing I did over the tire (which was pointless in the end, thank goodness!), I was totally exhausted. Of course since I got home after 6, had to feed & bathe Kasen & clean up a few things, it's kinda obvious that I didn't exercise, huh? Phooey! I think I made up for it today though. I went out - in the cooooold & strong winds, and rode my bike for an hour. By the time I got home I was drenched with sweat, so I'd say I worked hard enough to make up for yesterday.
Let me say, this exercise thing is totally working. I haven't taken my blood pressure pills all week (no, neither of my doctors would approve, but so what?) & when I took my bp this morning it was 121/88. Woohoo!!!


Chrystyna said...

You rock!! And your doctors will get over it if they see that what you're doing is working :)

Dawn Endres said...

You are Rockin' the excercise. You are going to have the hotest BOD. hehe! Sorry work has been crappy.