Thursday, January 15

A few deals for ya!

I've been searching for a few money savers for myself, so I thought I'd pass a few on to you guys too. Maybe you'll learn about a few new ones. :)

Cellfire - ladies needing oil changes, I see $7 off at Jiffy Lube! There's Taco Bueno, Subway, & Kroger coupons listed here... - you can tie this one to your Kroger card.
CouponSurfer - there are all kinds of coupons here (grocery ones too), you have to register first though.
Procter & Gamble - get samples & coupons for P&G products. Site tells you when to look for coupons in the paper. There's also a link for "online coupons", you can tie that to your Kroger card & not worry about taking an actual coupon in with you.
Lysol - if you buy 2 Lysol products & you take a kiddo in for a check-up between now & 3/31 you can get $5 back.
Unilever - there are a few coupons for Unilever products here.
Aearo E-A-R - Need some quiet time? Get a free sample of earplugs.
Airborne - Get a free sample!
Betty Crocker - You have to register with the site, but you get coupons out of it!
Yogi Tea - free samples.

I really could do this for days. I suggest that before you go ANYWHERE or buy ANYTHING you look for coupons. Heck, even Chuck E Cheese's does coupons! If you have a few minutes before you spend money, invest it in looking for a coupon. Don't' waste your day if you can't find it easily, but at least do a quick look!


Karri said...

I did the tea samples - thanks!

Dawn Endres said...

Wholly Guacamole! Thanks!

Amy M said...

Great advice. You found some great deals!