Wednesday, January 28

...and on the 28th day, they ate.

So, Kasen & I were stuck at home all day. He was a pretty good boy, but he drove me insane asking for juice. It was finally time for dinner & I told him we'd have burritos. Silly mama told him we were out of cheese. (Lesson learned... maybe.) So he suddenly really wanted cheese. Of course. He was nice enough to start back up on begging for the juice too. I needed out of the house, RIGHT THEN.
So, we got in the car with no idea where we'd go. (Kasen's vote was for Mimi's house. lol) I decided I really didn't want to drive far. Nothing here in town sounded good (nor did anything not in town...), but I knew I didn't want to get out of the car to go in the grocery store (Kasen had no shoes on & I didn't want to look that cruel). Somehow we ended up at CFA. Kasen got chicken nuggets (this is such a rare thing, me giving him fast food, and it was actually hard to do), and JUICE (which I watered down, I am so mean!), I got fries & a side salad. I ended up just eating the fries, so I did get 2 meals out of the deal at least.
I'm proud of myself for going so long without restaurant food. It wasn't a rule, but I challenged myself & I did well. Of course we have to add in the fact that Luke also ate out tonight (I have no idea what kind of damage he did yet), but it was the first time (well, paying) all month for him too.


Holly said...

You did great Helen!! Not sure if I can go that long but I am going to go as long as I can. And I think that is going to be pretty long. I am only on day 9!!!! And I still water down Avree's juice too!!

Dawn Endres said...

Now...that's some will power woman! hehe! It's okay here and there. No big deal!

Chrystyna said...

You guys have done so awesome on this! I don't know how you do it! Major kudos to you. And...I can totally see you struggling to hand over the chicken nuggets...haha!