Tuesday, January 27

More sites to check out.

I'm sitting here searching for more ways to save money & have found a few fun sites, so I thought I'd share. :)
Tip Hero (My fav tip is about freezing eggs. I have a freaking culinary degree & never thought of doing that. Sheesh!)
Pay Less for Food
Southern Savers Great help for you coupon users! (Look for the drop-down menu towards the right & find they store you shop at.)
Deal Seeking Mom
Babies & Kids' Freebies This one's not an easy read, but you might find something good hidden in there.
I have now wasted about an hour searching through a bunch of frugal websites... There are A LOT out there!


Nichole said...

You can freeze eggs?! I did not know that.

Karri said...

Thanks for sharing these - I'll check them out :)

Holly said...

I didn't know you could freeze eggs!! I heard you could freeze grapes too, I've just never done it!! We have a couple at church that has a chicken farm that has been giving us eggs...we haven't tried them yet though.