Friday, January 9

A realization

It just occurred to me. I am a "snowball" spender.
I'm having a craptastic day. To top it off, I skipped my lunch so I could go get my tire at 2, when it was suppose to be in. Well, it's in, but they're currently on a one hour wait. I don't have that long. By the time I leave work & drive over there (and we must add in the time to drive back) I can only spare 30-45 minutes before I need to be back. Urgh! No offer to put my name down now & allow my wait to start dwindling down. No "hey, you ordered this yesterday so we can bump you up" (not to mention how much $ I spend on tires with them - I am the queen of the flat tire)... Just - it's an hour now & might not get better. sigh
So, how does that make me a "snowball" spender? Well, as I sat here thinking "even if I leave at 4, I'm looking at not being home until past 6 most likely...", I added - we should just order pizza for dinner!


So, I'm gonna spend an undetermined amount on my tire. Then I'm gonna go get milk, orange juice, and eggs (actually I might not need eggs, why did I forget to look & see how many we have?). Then I want to spend MORE money? Even though I have a fridge full of food? Even though plenty of that food is already cooked? Even though by the time I get home Kasen will have to have eaten (at this rate he could even be in bed). Why do I need to spend more money?
Why? Because I'm a "snowball" spender... Once I start I just want to spend more & more & more & more... There's no stopping me!
Actually, there is some stopping me. I'm smarter than that now. I won't waste money on stuff just 'cause. Especially when we really don't have the money to spend. (Luke sent all the extra money in to pay down his car note, we just have "enough", which is a totally new concept to me.)
So. my day may be craptastic & I may be preparing to sit for who-knows-how-long waiting on a tire & spending who-knows-what for it, BUT, I will not blow money on pizza. Who needs that crap anyway? (That yummy, yummy crap. sigh)


Beth said...

Stay strong, mama! You can do it! Sorry your day was craptastic.

Chrystyna said...

Wow! You are soooo good! I'm so proud of you. I'm sorry your tire situation took a turn for the worse. It's now 8:30, so tell me how things went. How much did it cost? Did you stick to your plan and go home and fix dinner?

Alison said...

Good for you for recognizing the pattern! I am the same way and it's taken many months to change some very old habits. I hope the rest of your night went well :)