Tuesday, January 13

No, I didn't forget yesterday.

I was just lazy. I didn't get on the computer last night at all, so that made it hard to blog. ;)
It was another uneventful day. Luke spent (well, he borrowed the money) $1 at the vending machine at work. We kinda discussed that (since he also spent $1 at the vending machine on Friday), and my thoughts were that that should count as his one meal out per week. Which seems a bit unfair really, since it's "only" $1.00. BUT, if he did that every day, plus he had one meal out every week, that would be $10/week, which is too much on a regular basis. I think I'll find him something to keep in his desk so he won't be tempted to borrow money to use the vending machine. A rare occasion is understandable, sometimes you just get hungry, but a regular basis is a waste of money & that crap is bad for you anyway!
This week is the "extras" grocery trip. I have to restock the produce, milk, & eggs & I'll buy anything else we need to make it the rest of the month. I'm trying to put it off, but my gosh, Kasen is going through his milk like crazy this week!
I think Kasen has a check-up today (Tuesday), so that'll cost something. (Yes, I said think, I didn't get a reminder call so maybe I wrote it down wrong...) Luckily they bill the insurance company then send us a bill, and I think our insurance covers the first $300 100%, so that should cover this visit. I will owe them for his shots today since we get the "county" shots & they make us pay up front for them, but that's not too bad.
I hope everyone is off to a successful start this week!

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