Sunday, January 25

Day 24 & 25

Oops, I didn't get around to posting yesterday. Oh well, you didn't miss anything at all.
Saturday we celebrated my dad's birthday. His gift was a package of sugar free cookies from the bakery outlet (which actually was breaking our rules, but I couldn't help myself, sigh). We had a nice night, and we didn't spend a dime all day or night! Today we didn't leave the house, so we obviously didn't spend any money. I can't believe we're almost a month into this & we've done so well. It really, truly, is getting easier every day. A lot of CRAP I used to buy without thinking isn't even on my radar anymore. Eating out sounds like a nice treat (mostly 'cause I'd love to have a meal that didn't create a dirty kitchen/dirty dishes), but it's getting to a point that it sounds like a TREAT. That's a good thing. :)

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