Monday, January 26

Another boring day.

I do have to stop on the way home & get a few things. Nothing frivolous though. (Oh how I wish...) Luke is going to the Mavericks' game on Wednesday night. Lucky dog! He was given the ticket, so I'll just have to make sure he doesn't go blow a bunch of money while he's there. They're going out to dinner before they go, I'm not sure if he's suppose to pay for that or not... It's making it awfully tempting for me to go out to dinner that night too. I'm really trying to make it through the whole month without going out to eat though, so we'll see what I decide. :)


Holly said...

Boring days are good!!!!

Dina said...

I am really proud of you, Helen! You have started this "movement" and are following through on your end!! Great job!