Wednesday, January 7

Day 7

I really, really, really wanted to go grab some kind of yummy lunch today. There wasn't anything in particular that sounded good, but I really wanted SOMETHING. I think I actually just wanted to spend money. Perhaps after one week I am having spending withdrawals. ;) I know I am "allowed" one meal out every week, per the rules, but I am trying to be good & not use it. It's a personal challenge I've got going, to see if I can make it at least every other week w/out using that breakfast/lunch pass. (As if I don't have enough of a challenge going. lol) Anyway, I stuck to it - I went to the break room & had my salad. Exciting, huh?
Since I've been holding myself accountable to exercising on here too, I'll say that once again I did it! After getting home late (thanks to 30 being shut down), I was able to get a 30 minute bike ride in before it was too dark to keep going.
I'd say today was a very successful day! :)


Chrystyna said...

Wow! You're being soooo good! I'm so proud of you. I suck at being that disciplined! haha!

Nichole said...

Wow I you are doing great! And bike riding till it got dark too. Yeah I use the excuse that is will be dark soon to not take the dogs for a walk. I suck.

Dawn Endres said...

You need to give yourself a big pat on the back! Yay!

I'm going to start eating yogurt for lunch. Niiiice huh?!

Kat said...

Your doing great!!!
Seems Ive spent money EVERY DAY this week ugh. but I cant get around spending it on NEEDS like milk etc. BUT on the good side weve spent less than $60 so far this week on groceries hehe. so this may be working out great after all!

Brandie said...

Way to go, Helen, great choice to go eat that salad!!! Keep it up, girl!