Thursday, January 22

Kasen got new shoes.

I spent money. For the first time this year - I went shopping. Woohoo! I was so good too. I went in for SHOES, I came out with SHOES. $5 in damage - not too bad, huh? Of course they aren't the size he needs right now (I think he needs 7/7.5 & these are 9), but they're in good shape & they were cheap. I'd rather get them in advance if I come across a good deal, than try to hunt them down when I need them. Finding used toddler shoes in good condition, at a good price, is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I'll have to hit up a few other stores & hopefully find what I need. I really hate to go buy new now, if I can find used ones for $5, why do I need to go spend $20+?

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Susan said...

Used toddler shoes are really a nice way to be frugal.