Monday, January 19

Bakery Outlet Outing

It was time to hit up the Mrs Baird's Outlet today. They were kinda low on stuff, which somehow caused me to buy more snacks for Luke thank usual. Odd. Anyway, I got 4 loaves of bread (2 Oroweat & 2 Mrs Baird's), a bag of tortilla chips, a big stack of corn tortillas, a bag of chips & big box of peanut butter crackers to stash in my desk, 3 chocolate pies (you know, those little, fried, oh-so-bad-for-you kind), 1 cherry pie, 3 packages of cupcakes, & some sugar-free chocolate-covered peanut butter sticks for my dad's bday this weekend. I spent a whopping $14. I still can't believe I bought that much CRAP food. Can you tell I was having a stressful day? ;)


Brandie said...

WOW!!! I SO need to hit up the one near me...great job!

Holly said...

I need to start doing that again. Which one do you go to?
Sorry you were having a stressful day!

Jennifer said...

The Mrs. Bairds outlet rules!