Thursday, April 2

No more car payments!

It's not official, since the payment won't hit for a few days still, but we paid off Luke's car! Yay! Barring any unforeseen future woes, hopefully we will never have a car payment again. Isn't that a crazy thought? So un-American. ...but so nice!!
Thanks to gas prices taking a huge dive, we are a little behind on our plan (maybe a month or month & a half), but we're making progress. (Our oil royalties took a dive, we were counting on them to get out of debt fast, but oh well.) Hopefully in about 9 months the college loan will be paid off & all that will be left is our mortgage! Yay!
I am so glad we decided to do this - even if it has been difficult. To think of how nice it will be to have a debt-free life... Freedom! True freedom! I'm still holding onto the hope that one day I'll be able to stay home & play mommy all day long, but even if things don't work that way for a long time, we're in a better place now than most Americans get to at retirement age even. We're way ahead of the curve & I'm loving it. Every sacrifice is worth it.


Dina said...

so proud of you and your hard work!!! great job!! :)

Crystal said...

awesome! way to go!!

Alison said...

You guys are doing such a great job. The end is in sight and totally worth the journey to get there!

Nichole said...

Way to go Helen!