Monday, April 6

And now... the rest of the weekend.

There. I said it. Not only does it keep screwing up the format of my other blogs, I keep trying to highlight stuff I'm writing & it ends up deleting all of my thoughts, then autosaving before I can get back to where I was. sigh
So, the rest of the weekend. I bought a few groceries (milk, flour, waffles, yogurt), then I bought Kasen's Easter outfit & 2 shirts at Kid to Kid. (Spent $18andsomechange) Sunday night I went to a MNO at On the Border. I spent $6andsomechange, including tip. (Gotta love the kids' meals!) That's about it.
I am starting a list of wants...
New black flats. Size 8.5 if anyone has a used pair I can buy... ;) I have (had?) some ballerina flats (don't click on that if you're a sucker for shoes...) that I love but I stepped in some nastiness, thanks to a sick dog, and I threw them in the washer. I'm pretty sure I ruined them. I bought them for like $10 at the shoe store over by Sam Moon (not nice to post a link to their site, huh?), but I can't buy another pair - even if they are that cheap. I loooooove those shoes, so I'll probably wear them even if they are falling apart now. How can I not?
A bread machine. I make at least 1 loaf of bread every week. That's a lot of work. I'd love to just dump everything in a machine & let it do the work for me!
Curtains for the bedroom. They've been on the wish list a long time. We'll be getting some once the college loans are paid off.
New clothes! My size 10s are getting loose. (Okay, not every brand - some brands I still can't fit into thanks to these hips, or the butt, whatever the issue is...) My everyday pants are getting loose though. While that's great, it also sucks. I can't buy new clothes. sigh
A massage. I'm stressed lately. I would love a massage. Or, just a day at the spa with some good company. (Anyone feel like splurging on a gift for the 2 of us? hehe! If only, huh?)
New pots & pans. I've had mine a long time. They're on their last leg. I want new, I want good quality - and I don't want non-stick. Never again!
That's about it. It's funny how much my wants have changed thanks to this challenge. If you had asked me to make a list 6 months ago I would've had a bunch of useless crap to list. now I want useful things. Okay, the massage/spa day isn't useful per se, but I deserve to dream about a nice splurge.
Okay, off to bed I go.


Momma Ox said...

I saw tons of bread machines at the thrift store in downtown Plano (on Avenue K.) They ranged between $5-$10!

And I recommend using LiveWriter to write entries. It's easy to import to Blogger and a lot less of a headache to use!

Melanie said...

I have a bread machine, you can come use it if you'd like. I only make bread about once a week so it goes unused a lot.

Helen said...

I'll have to look into LiveWriter...
Melanie, that's so sweet. Of course, by the time I drove to your house I might as well make it by hand, huh? *sigh*