Wednesday, April 8

Easter's almost here

I'm doing great - haven't bought anything frivolous for Kasen (or Luke) for Easter. I was tempted at the grocery store the other day... but I walked away. Whew. It's hard, I'd like to go crazy, but it's all stuff we don't need anyway. (Not to say that I won't go crazy next year...)
We haven't spent any money, but seeing as we currently have none in our checking acct, that's been pretty easy. ha


Crystal said...

That's awesome Helen! Way to go! I get sucked into that cutesie stuff all the time and I know it's more for me than the boys anyway.

Katrina Marie said...

That's awesome! I'm trying to remember most thigns I buy for easter will be forgotten next week. lol Although Dakota's ging to be super happy when he sees a few beanies I made in his basket.