Tuesday, April 28

Another boring day.

Boring is good, right?
It's getting hard to be good though. I really, really, really want some new clothes! I seem to be the queen of stains, tiny holes, and fading. If it were any other year I'd run out & buy new clothes without thinking. I could go search a thrift store, since it's within the rules, but I wonder what the chances are that I'd find anything decent. Besides, when do I have time to go search a bunch of thrift stores for some clothes?
I'm being good though. For now at least. ;)
No money has been spent so far this week - that's a good thing. I do need to go get a few things at the grocery store. When did I become the person that had to go to the grocery store EVERY week - sometimes twice a week? It's getting old. But, we do have to eat you know. I need to work on my consolidation a bit. Although, the fill-in stuff generally is just dairy & produce, with an occasional "other", so I guess it's kinda normal. Kinda.

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Nichole said...

wanting new clothes for me and the baby is one of the hardest rules of this challenge for me. The baby a little easier because I can find some real cute stuff at Kid to Kid and those kind of places but for me I'd rather just head to Old Navy. Stay strong Helen, you can do it.