Wednesday, April 29

As for today...

No money spent, but let me tell you something...
I love to cook. Really, truly, I do.
I am sick of cooking.
I want to just grab some food on the way home.
I want to have someone else do the cooking, the cleaning, the everything.
I am sick of coming up with the answer to "what's for dinner?".
I want to go home & have food magically appear on the table in front of me.
I want Mexican food. From a restaurant that allows me to sit & eat as much chips & hot sauce as I like.
I want Italian food. From a restaurant that allows me to stuff my face with all the bread I can manage to shove in my face.
I want pizza. The really bad for you, I didn't make it, greasy, yummy, good kind.
I want Chinese. Lots of Chinese. Egg drop soup & spring rolls & fried rice & Moo Goo veggies. Or P F Changs lettuce wraps.
I want some Snuffers cheese fries.
I want a Chili's black bean burger.
I miss eating out. Really, I do. Or, rather, I really do.
I love food. At this point though, I'd take food made by someone else that I don't have to think about, prepare, or clean up after.
None of that is happening though, is it?
Back to my regularly scheduled no spending week.
Food & clothes. I miss food & clothes. Will there be something else tomorrow? Eh, maybe, if it hits me. Right now food & clothes have me. (Although, a new purse would be good too...)


Katrina Marie said...

you can do it. I know how you feel on the clothes. Especially when I see so many cute maternity clothes. But i settled for borrowing my friends and my family have bought me a few cute shirts.

And I want to say that your comments and posts give me so much encouragement. I wouldn't even be thinking this way about money if it weren't for you. Thank you so much for being an inspiration!

Amy said...

I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Crystal said...

Helen you have done awesome!

Dina said...

Helen, you are really doing a great job - you are an inspiration for a lot of people. *hugs* It will get better and easier.