Friday, April 10

2 posts in one day = not good.

I really want to lie. Or, maybe just omit the truth of today. But I won't. I'll be honest, it's only fair.
Luke & Kasen went to Fry's tonight. I knew I should've gone with them. BUT... I really wanted a nap. It was a nice nap. Their trip... not so nice. Quite honestly, I'm very disappointed in Luke. He has always been the more frugal one. He has always stuck to things he sets out to do. He's falling off the wagon.
I saw it coming, he's always wanting to get stuff lately. We suddenly "need" curtains. He had to have cable (yes, I do use it & love it, but I could've waited another year for it). He brings up stuff we should buy. Silly stuff.
He went in for a new hard drive. It wasn't a frivolous thing. One of his crashed, so he can't get into his computer. The computer that has all of Kasen's pics (along with all of Luke's crap - but that's not a big deal to ME, lol). Luckily the hard drive that crashed is not the one he stores stuff on, but he can't turn the computer on to get said stuff, so obviously he needs a new hard drive to get the computer on. I was/am fine with that need.
However. He came home with no hard drive. He said they're too expensive there. He didn't come home empty handed though. $80 worth of crap. A back massager (yes, he already has one *rolleyes*), a nose hair trimmer (really?! he's hard up to shop, huh?), alarms for the doors (okay, that's probably a smart one), pepper spray for me (I had an incident this morning), and binoculars & glow in the dark stars/moon for Kasen. Oh, and a bottle of water for Kasen 'cause he forgot Kasen's cup in the car & of course he started asking for a drink.
So, there you have it. The honest truth - we blew a big chunk of money on crapola. I'm trying to let it go, I know how hard this challenge is & I can understand why he feels the need to BUY, but still - ugh!
On the flip side. When I checked the mail Wednesday there was a great surprise - a pretty large check from my OB's office. The insurance company finally decided to send some money to them, so all the money we had to pay for my ultrasound [last summer!] was refunded. So, it's kinda like found money & makes me feel a little better about Luke blowing money... but that's a nice chunk of money to help with our debt, not to blow of frivolous stuff.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I'm gonna break the rules a bit myself. My friend is in town from Utah & wants to have lunch tomorrow. I didn't plan on that, so I used my weekly meal out the other day for breakfast. BUT, this is a rare situation, so I'm gonna borrow next week's meal out. I'm okay with that & I won't really consider it breaking the rules. I can call Saturday next week, right? I usually start the week on Monday, but I'll skip a couple of days this week since it's a special occasion. :)

So, there you have it. Full disclosure, in all its ugliness.

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