Tuesday, February 24

The month is almost over.

We've almost made it 2 full months - yay!
I spent no money today. I did get some Starbucks 'cause I've been really, really wanting it and, well, I haven't had any coffee in months. Once again, it wasn't worth the money - but it didn't cost me anything (I still have a gift card from Christmas) so I guess that's okay. :) It's really funny to me that the less I spend money & time going out to eat the less I enjoy it when I DO go. I think I expect so much more out of it since it's a special treat. Oh well, maybe it'll help me really break any habits/desires for eating out regularly. That'd be a good thing in my book.


Kat said...

I hear ya ! I think your doing great!! keep up the awesome work!

Hanilulu said...

I totally agree with you! I had the free pancakes today at IHOP, and while I ate them I kept thinking that homemade would have been so much better!