Monday, February 9

I went to Target

It's true... I went to Target today. But, I didn't spend a dime. (Well, of my own money/for me.) It was time to fill the office candy jars & for some reason I chose Target as the place to shop. It was fun to look around & stuff & realize how much of a waste of money it all is. In fact, and end-cap got me. There were these really cute cups/plates/snack bowls for kiddos & I actually turned around to go check them out. As I walked away from them it hit me just how smart those marketing folks at Target are! How many moms (ie SUCKERS) did the same thing I did, but actually BOUGHT some of that stuff? If it hadn't been on the end-cap I wouldn't have even known it existed. Smart & sly those marketing types are!


Chrystyna said...

Yeah...those end caps definitely get you! I'm glad you were able to resist ;)

Dina said...

were they the valentine themed plates and cups? I saw some that were so cute and they stopped me too.

good for you and your willpower!