Saturday, February 28

2 months down! ...10 to go.

Rule #1 - nothing new - not broken! We didn't buy anything new. Yay!
Rule #2 - no frivolous spending - not broken! We didn't buy anything for fun.
Rule #3 - less eating out - not broken! We were both successful this month.
Rule #4 - outings - not broken! We didn't go anywhere that required paid admission this month either.
Even better - this month we made extra money selling old jewelry!
27 transactions: 10 gas, 4 restaurant, 7 grocery, 6 other (CVS, Once Upon a Child, Kid to Kid, (we use disposable over night), beer store (serious bending of rules...), & Petsmart), plus $10 in cash (Luke's lunch one day & 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies 'cause Rena's daughter's troop was at Kroger tonight...)
I think we're doing really well with the challenge. I'm very proud of us. In fact, today I went to the mall. A few months ago I wouldn't have thought about packing a lunch, after all - they do sell food at the mall - but today I packed lunch & saved us at least $10. Living this way creates a whole different way of thinking. Or maybe it just actually makes you think. Period. Before we just took things for granted, now we think everything through. I hope everyone else is doing well too!


Kristin said...

You're doing great!! :)

Judie said...

That is awesome, I follow you from DAM (user jjj). I have one question - do you feel like you have saved a TON of money?

I am proud of your family!

Helen said...

Judie, I do think we've saved a ton. I wish we had thought to do this last year when our oil well was producing better 'cause we literally blew a ton of money just 'cause. Oh well, I'm glad we're doing it now. You'd be amazed how much money you (or at least I) spend without realizing it. A trip to Target to get 2 things would turn into a trip to get 10 things. I couldn't walk out of there without spending at least $50 - and I was there AT LEAST once/week. Insane! We didn't need that junk, I just wanted it.

Holly said...

You guys are doing great!!