Saturday, February 7

I made more than I spent today!

I went & bought Kasen a few more pairs of pants today. I spent $20something (I forget exactly, I was busy keeping Kasen's hands off everything while I was paying). He's now set on clothes until it gets warm & he needs shorts & such. (Oh, and swim trunks - I'm guessing those are gonna be really hard to find used, huh? Ugh!)
Tonight I went to a gold & silver for cash party. I didn't plan on walking away with much, and I did about what I expected. $95. I sold a class ring (shhhh, don't tell my parents! but seriously, why did I ever NEED that?), a ring my ex gave me, an old ring that came from who-knows-where, and a gold bracelet. I thought James Avery stuff was supposed to be worth more than "normal" silver, but they'd only give me $10 for a JA ring I have, so I said no thanks. I had another ring that had a few diamonds in it that I also decided not to sell 'cause they didn't offer much. I was very good & stopped on the way home & put the cash in the bank.

When Kasen was 5 months old he got RSV & was stuck in the hospital over night. The entire experience was horrible & I've been fighting with the hospital ever since. (I won't bore you with teh story if yo've never heard it before.) The billing department screwed up the billing with the insurance company & I've been fighting the charges with the hospital since day 1. Well, this week we got a bill from the hospital saying we were about to be turned over to collections & a bill from the on-call pedi at the hospital also saying we were about to be turned over. I don't recall ever getting a bill from the pedi, so I was annoyed by it. She did come & check out Kasen (once), so I guess I have no recourse on that bill, so I'll be paying it this coming week. The hospital bill I won't be paying though - yay! I called & spoke to someone on Friday & she finally agreed to take care of the bill. It took from December of 2007 until now (so lots & lots of calls) to get it taken care of, but it finally was. Lesson learned - you may have to stick with it for the long haul & you may get a lot of threats & nasty phone calls (I won't even go there), but if you don't feel you received services you were billed for - FIGHT IT!

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Chrystyna said...

Whoo hoo! Glad you made some money! Good to hear that about the JA stuff. I was thinking about taking some Tiffany stuff, but I think I'll just hold on to it for Mac. I'm sure living in Frisco she'll need Tiffany jewelry to fit in! LMAO!
And that is soooo awesome about the hospital bill!! I'm sorry it took you so long to get it resolved though :(