Sunday, February 22

I missed a couple of days.

Here's the recap:
I did go to the grocery store again & bought the stuff I forgot. I also had to order diapers 'cause Mr Sensitive can only sleep in disposables or he gets a BAD rash. (BTW, if you haven't ever ordered diapers online, check out You can get all kinds of stuff, not just diapers, from them. Use the code: HELE1066 & you get $10 off your first order of $49 or more. Shipping is free on orders over $49, so I usually just buy a bulk pack and add rash ointment, soap, lotion, or a toy (well, not toys this year) to hit the $49.)
Last night I went to the MNI at Hani's & it was fun! I enjoyed meeting a few new ladies & chatting with old friends.
Today, I feel like crap. I woke up with swollen eyes (again! - 2nd time this week) and a KILLER headache. I still have the headache 5 hours later. sigh I can say, without a doubt, I will not be spending money today. I'm impressed I took a shower & managed to write this all out.
Here's to a good week ahead of us!


Kristin said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Dina said...

maybe you should quit doing tequila shots at these "MNIs"!! LOL

sorry - hope you are feeling better!