Thursday, February 26

Family Meal #2 - ANOTHER disappointment.

I shouldn't be surprised that it was a disappointment, all meals out are. sigh
What's worse is that I knew better!
It was a long day, it was after 5, and I just didn't feel like cooking. Plus, I've been wanting a burger & french fries with gravy (I know, so unlike me - sometimes you just need some CRAP food though!). I decided to stop at Whataburger. The one here in town. I know better. Why didn't I stop at a different one? Or maybe go to Dairy Queen. ONE day I'll learn. I ordered a #1 for Luke, a #7 for me (pick your jaw up off the floor - I always switch the burger patty for a fake one when I get home), and a kid's chicken strip meal for Kasen. $14 - even. Crazy! ;)
Problem #1 - "I want the toy for the little kid" "the what?" "don't you have a toy for toddlers?... I want that... the toy for smaller kids" "huh?... oh, okay."
(Let me throw in this little tidbit: I have gotten food from this Whataburger 3 or 4 times now. EVERY time it was been screwed up, my service has been horrible, and I've vowed never to go back. One time I paid, pulled up to the second window, and the guy looked at me confused & said "what did you order?" URGH!)
So, I pull up, pay - which took forever for some reason, then go to window #2. I FINALLY got the food, pulled up, looked at the bags quickly to make sure there were 3 meals, and went home. The whole time, Kasen is scream "chicken!".
I get home, pull the food out, and guess what? THERE'S NO *bleeping* CHICKEN! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, AND, the toy is not the under 3 toy.
What am I gonna do at that point? I'm exhausted, hungry, have a cranky toddler, and I just want to sit down, eat dinner, and get Kasen in bed. So I did nothing. I was gonna drive all the way back & there's no point in calling 'cause they can't do anything over the phone. I am so frustrated. This time I mean it - I will not go there again.
I am really starting to think God is trying to help me stick to the rules. Every trip out to eat has been crappy. Yes, I do expect more than I used to since I don't go very often. Yes, I know customer service sucks these days. Yes, I do get cranky when I feel I've wasted my money.
So, there you have it - $14 wasted. Well, not totally. My burger & fries (with gravy - 'cause they did give Kasen the gravy) were soooo yummy. My child hardly ate anything though 'cause he's not a fan of burgers & I refused to let him eat a meal of french fries.
On a lighter note, I ran into Target this afternoon JUST for wipes. I left with wipes & face wash (I remembered once I was there that I'm about to run out). I call that a successful trip. Especially since we walked around the whole place & I didn't pick anything else up. Trust me, that's always gonna be a hard thing for me - I love me some Target!

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