Sunday, February 1

Month #2, here we go!

Today was big grocery day. That also means it was big cooking day. I made all of Luke's meat stuff for the month. This month I made: roasted chicken, bbq chicken, chicken noodle soup, chicken enchiladas, beef & broccoli noodle casserole, tuna casserole (well, Luke actually made that one!), and chili. I think he's pretty set!
Other than the groceries, we didn't spend any money. We did have a nice, long, family bike ride today & that was fun. I am loving this weather! I wish it would stick around for like 11 more months. lol


Chrystyna said...

So...when you cook all of the food on one day you just freeze it and he eats it through the month? It actually taste good after being frozen?

Dina said...

great job Helen ~ so you don't mind cooking meat dishes?

Helen said...

IDK if it tastes good or not, since I don't eat it. haha I did make some bean-only chili last month & it tasted just fine after sitting in the freezer. :)
Dina, I don't mind. It's the only use I get of the $$$ spent on my culinary degree. Now, sticking my hand up a dead chicken's who-haw ain't my idea of FUN, but even a meat-eater wouldn't enjoy that. ;)

J said...

Haven't even read this post yet, but wanted to tell you that I fixed my comment glitch on my blog and now you SHOULD be able to comment. Holler at me if you cant!