Friday, June 12


So, yesterday I went & bought Kasen new shoes. He was down to just 1 pair that were the right size. I hit Target & got 2 pairs of "Crocs" - an ugly camo pair that HE picked out & a blue pair that I picked out. The camo isn't that bad I guess, but it's not that great either. While we were there, I got him 2 shirts. Oh no, they were new... One was $2.80 on clearance & the other was $3 on sale. About what I'd pay at the thrift store for used, so it's all good in my world. I do need to go buy him a few more probably, some button down shirts or polos, but all things in time...
I love my OB. Why would I randomly say that? 'Cause once again money has magically appeared from him. Woohoo! Another over-payment. Sweet. (Well, not that we over-paid to begin with, but that it appeared in our hands again!)
That's about it for now.

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