Monday, March 23

Milk run for the week.

Gotta run by Whole Foods to grab some milk & some coconut milk yogurt. I'm really excited since it means I'll be doing that at rush hour. Why didn't I just get my lazy butt out the door & go yesterday? Oh well, can't change the past.


Hanilulu said...

Whole Foods is not going to be fun at rush hour, but my mantra is, "You can always get a good parking spot at Whole Foods." It seems to be true for me; I wish you the same so you can have a bright spot in your trip there!

How is the coconut milk yogurt? I saw that on another blog and I was intrigued.

Helen said...

I haven't tried the yogurt yet, I was actually excited about it. I've just decided to cut back dairy & I'm a vanilla yogurt junkie, so I want to see if it will give me my "fix". I do love the ice cream though, so surely the yogurt is good.