Thursday, March 19

The hole is getting bigger...

You know when you start digging just a little hole, thinking it'll help, not hurt, but the hole starts getting bigger & you start sinking into it? That is what I'm listening to right now.
Last year Luke & I decided that this year we'd break down & invest in UVerse. We also decided (well *I* did) that this would be the year of phone upgrades. We knew the Verizon contract was up at the end of January, so we planned to switch to AT&T. I decided if we were switching, I deserved a cool *cough,cough,iPhone/Blackberry,cough,cough* new phone with the new plan. Then, we decided to do this crazy challenge & so we sat aside the idea of both.
Well, here we are almost 3 full months into this thing & we've broken the rules. I think the fact that we already had it in our minds before we decided to do the challenge made it impossible to go a whole year w/out doing it.
So, here I listen to Luke talking to the AT&T lady, getting the UVerse hooked up & switching our cell phones over. When he's done we have to head to the AT&T store and get the phones. *SIGH* We're in over our heads people!
Oh, and we'll be without Internet during the wait between the disconnection of our home phone & the installation of the UVerse. On the bright side - we have the hook up on connection, and he's hoping to squeeze us in tomorrow, or worst case Sunday. So it won't be too bad.

Well, there's my confession for now. Gotta go get the kiddo & head out to the store... Gosh, we failed this challenge. Is it wrong that I'm happy about the failure though? ;) Back on the wagon after this though. It's our first big failure, so we're doing good.

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Chrystyna said...

Girl! It's not like you went out and had a shopping spree on clothes you didn't need or something. I think cable and a cell phone are definitely worth breaking some rules. Those are definite necessities!!!