Saturday, March 7

Friday & Staurday

Friday - had to get the car inspected. Boo. $39 for that. Then we took the $20 I got Thursday to have dinner. Taco Bueno. It was everything I expected, so it was money well spent for once. It counts as one of the family meals out, but it didn't cost us, so yay!
Today I went to my sister's & got the sewing machine. I am determined to learn SOMETHING crafty. We'll see how it really goes once I get started tonight. I did spend $2 'cause I stopped to get gas & decided to get a drink too. I'm really not sure where that falls in the rules... I'll call it my meal out for the week since I didn't take one.

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Chrystyna said... money does not count as your meal out silly girl! And, I agree with you about not knowing where to put drinks. I went grocery shopping the other day and bought a bag of those hot cheetos and a diet coke. I didn't know whether to count it against me or count it as groceries. I bet you can guess what I did ;)