Monday, May 4

This weekend = FAIL

Sometimes you just aren't set up for success. Maybe it was my own fault in some ways, but that doesn't matter really. All I know is that we failed. Way to start the month, huh?
Friday - I saved my meal out for the week to use Friday night. Luke was going out with a friend, so I thought Kasen & I would have a little treat. We got Taco Bueno 'cause it sounded good & I knew Kasen would eat a taco. (I was wrong, he didn't.) Luke ended up not going out, but it wasn't a failure 'cause he wasn't very hungry. Since Kasen decided he didn't want to eat, Luke got to eat his taco. It worked out.
Saturday I had to work. Boo. We woke up early & dropped my car off at the dealership to fix the a/c. Yay! I have a/c again. Finally. How was the day a failure? Well, I was at work longer than I anticipated. I left at about 2. I was starving & had a horrible headache. So, of course, we had to stop & get me some food (Burger King veggie burger & fries). Luckily, Luke & Kasen ate at Luke's parents' house, so they didn't waste money on lunch. BUT, Luke did buy breakfast for him, Kasen, & his parents. So, we blew about $20 on food Saturday. We went to pick up the car & guess what - it cost us double what they quoted 'cause they forgot to quote some of the stuff that had to be done, or they didn't know it had to be done, or whatever. Not surprising really, since it was a dealership. ;) I think we saved about $500 by Luke doing all the work he could on it. So at least we have that positive note.
Sunday we had a little time to relax (or, rather, start laundry & such), then we headed over to my parents' house. Their a/c leaked & rotted out part of the ceiling in their living room. Because I have such a wonderful, caring husband, he helped my dad cut out the damaged stuff & put some plywood up to fix the hole. It wasn't a quick job though. Kasen & I took my mom (who hurt herself while they were buying said plywood) over to my sister's house to hang out. When dinner time came, guess what - I had to buy food. Yes, that was my THIRD meal out for the weekend. I got my mom, my sister, Kasen, & I Taco Bueno (twice in one weekend - wow). A little while later it was time to head back to see how the guys were doing. I stopped at Whataburger to get them both a burger & fries 'cause I knew they'd be hungry... Only, it turns out a few hours before that the guys went to Whataburger & Luke bought them both burgers. *sigh* (Of course they ate the second round too though, lol.)

That means this weekend looked like this:
Friday night - I bough Bueno for Kasen & I (turned otu to be Luke & I)
Saturday morning - Luke bought taquitos (Whataburger I assume) for his parents, Kasen, & himself.
Saturday afternoon - I bought Burger King for a late lunch/early dinner.
Saturday - paid $400ish for my a/c repair.
Sunday - Luke bought a late lunch at Whataburger for my dad & himself.
Sunday - I bought Taco Bueno for dinner for my sister, mom, Kasen, & I.
Sunday - I bought dinner, Whataburger, for Luke & my dad.
I don't even want to add up how much money all that was. It was a total failure weekend.
I'm not even gonna count it all. Everything about this weekend included extenuating circumstances. The month of May starts today in my book. It will be successful. Well, probably not, my birthday & our anniversary are both this month. We may eat out more than usual without including the failure that was this weekend. We'll be as good as we can be though.

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Dina said...

we are our toughest critics. stop beating yourself up - look at the overall picture and what a difference this year has made for your family. youa re doing a great job, Helen *hugs*