Sunday, November 1


I'm feeling a bit discouraged. I know we've come a long way... but... I feel like there's still so far to go! There's no way we'll have this last stupid loan paid off when we planned to. I wish, wish, wish there were some way for me to make more money. I higher paying job, an extra job, anything. I don't feel like sacrificing sleep (and a clean house, clean laundry, etc) to make a little more than minimum wage for a few extra hours every night would be worth it. I wish someone would just hand me some money, no strings attached. That would be wonderful. But, it ain't gonna happen. I wish I could find some amazing job with good pay & the right hours, so I could add it to my life right now. I wish, I wish, I wish. I don't mind not blowing a lot of money on Christmas (although I REALLY want to get Kasen the cute wooden kids' table I saw at Costco... and a bike... or a scooter... and a big boy bed... see, nothing cheap on my wish list. sigh), but I do mind not having everything paid off as planned. I totally mind. We wanted this to be over at the end of the year. We're only 60% through the debt. That's not much more than half. :(
It's November. We've made almost made it to the end of the official year of The Year Without. In case you're wondering though, it won't be ending on December 31st, it will keep going until we're out of debt. Let's all hope that's sooner rather than later. For my sanity at least.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, BUT you are 60 percent through the debt. SIXTY PERCENT! That's MORE than half! Think of how fabulous that is!

I know how you feel. I'm feeling that way to. Is all this sacrificing worth it? I'm tired of living the "broke" life. I want it to be better now. My DH reminded me that we ARE better now, better than we were a year ago. It is worth it.

Maybe the goal wasn't realistic, but that just means you can reset the goal.

Congratulations on your accomplishment. You deserve a big pat on the back.