Sunday, July 5

Happy July 5th

I'm a day late on the wishes. Happy July 4th too, but that day has come & gone.
I bough groceries today. Back on the planning for 2 weeks of dinner boat. It does make shopping easier (and meal preparation). Tomorrow is Kasen's 2nd birthday. I'll spend money on donuts, then we'll go by the toy store so Kasen can spend his birthday money. The 3 of us will have dinner out, probably CFA so Kasen can play in their play area (unless I can think of a reason to go somewhere better... trust me, I'm trying!). That's what's up today & tomorrow. Exciting, huh?
Oh, as for me, (on an unrelated to finances note) I gave up dairy (for the most part) a few weeks ago. When I did that I decided maybe I'd eat meat occasionally, so I'd have some variety. Well, I've only eaten it a handful of times & chicken is NOT my friend. I thought I was fine with beef though - until I had some last night. We'll just say, I'm D.O.N.E. No more meat for me. Time to get creative with my food options now. I also heard about a doctor in Rockwall that I may have to go see. He sounds like what I've been trying to find, and he's close by - score! I'm suppose to go back to my DO in Sept to get my blood pressure pills refilled, so maybe I'll go see this guy instead. I keep pouring more & more money out to doctors, hoping one will have a solution that doesn't involve pills for the rest of my life, but I haven't been given a solution other than drugs yet. I'm still holding out hope, after all, I'm only 30!

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